Monday, July 12, 2010

Popsicles and Other Frozen Treats....

Alrighty, so first off....remember that gorgeous couple I was photographing last week? Well they have officially tied the knot and their images are up on my photography blog.

Secondly: I am back in Utah and actually remembered to turn the tv on early and catch all of this week's episode! I LOVED the comments from last week, I was nodding in agreement to all of them. Love reading what you think.

Okay...first: her hometown date with Roberto. LOVED him in his baseball uniform, um, yeah. If I were Ali I would have given him the rose right then and there....sigh. So cute! His family was nice, too. It's interesting to me, though, that Ali is almost insecure with the fact that SHE would be good enough for him...other than being really good looking...what is it she is seeing? I think he is a good guy, don't get me wrong, but I don't see why she is so in awe with the fact that he would even like her. It perplexes me.

Next she was off to Chris L's hometown, where I emptied an entire box of kleenexes just watching their family interact, talk about love, talk about his deceased mom, etc. I was literally bawling my eyes out. It seemed like her connection with Chris deepened so much. Let me interject here and just point out that the word 'connection' is way overused on this show, in my opinion...but seriously, it seemed like there was a real connection between then. I feel like he has a real grasp on what is important, he would really treat her well, and take good care of her. Their kiss seemed WAY better this week, too. However, his family isn't super sarcastic or dry, not the kind of humor that Frank's family used, which she seemed to like. Although she did laugh a lot with Chris's family, I wonder if their tender love for eachother would be too much for her? Too heavy?

Next she went to Kirk's house. Where to even begin? His dad seemed creepalicious at first but I really think it was his way of teasing her in a way...trying to unnerve her. I literally choked on my drink when she said, "Kirk's dad likes to keep dead animals in the freezer along with snacks, popsicles, and other frozen treats." Genius. His families actually ended up seeming really nice, but obviously it is a moot point now that she booted him off. (HUGE relief to me since I was worried for my precious Chris L's safety this week!)

Lastly came Frank's family. Let me be honest with you and say that I fast forwarded through most of their 'alone time' on the boat. Okay, now that I know he is going to ditch her next week, I really just don't care to listen to him whine about not being sure of her feelings. I did watch most of his family, and they seem really darling. His dad was funny, I liked them, I liked their humor. But again, moot point???

Okay, so my DVR cut off the scenes from next week, which made me so sad. What happened? I am SO glad that Chris L and Roberto are going to Tahiti with her...and seeing as how Frank is ditching, that would make them the bottom 2, no? That makes me really happy. Let me be honest and say that even though Roberto was my pick, I am rooting for Chris. I can only imagine his poor, tender, broken heart if she lets him go. It makes me tear up just thinking about it...sniff.

Til next week!


CandraWynne said...

Couldn't have said that post any better. Out of all the home town dates I fell in love with Chris and his family! AMAZING! If family is what is important to you, and is what grounds you there is no better pick. Chris' sister in law seemed so motherly to him and her words for him were so sweet. I'm with you Joy I had to get a kleenex for that one. Ali would be so happy to have Chris as a husband.

I couldn't even look at Frank this week because of the scenes for next week. WHAT A JERK! I'm thinking a bachelorette party is in order for next week so that we can all vent our rage towards him!!

Glad you had a great trip, your wedding pictures are amazing!! Glad you survived the heat :)

Sarah said...

Best blog post title ever! We are on the same page here. I wold be happy if she ends up with Roberto or Chris, but Frank is a world class weirdo. Run, Ali, Run! I don't know what she sees in him, and from how she talked in this episode it seemed like he was the frontrunner. Ew. I think she could have fun with Roberto as a boyfriend, but I don't know about marriage. Chris is the settle-down guy, and it was nice to see him smile and laugh more. Isaac commented that when they kiss, though, it looks like he's eating her face off. And I have to agree! But maybe she's into that sort of thing. :)

MT said...

Yay, I love everybody's comments too. Wow, I agree with all of you.

Now I've seen her "connection" with Frank before, but this week it was hard to even look at Frank. He wasn't clean shaven, he was wearing a weird undershirt, he was greesy and gross this week. They don't seem to match anymore. I liked his family, but there's something about him that is shady (and it's not just his five o'clock shadow ;)) If he's waiting for the heavens to open up and tell him he and Ali should be together, it just isn't going to happen that way. He can't commit to a job and I fear he can't commit their "connection" either. He's too needy. I agree with Sarah, "RUN, ALI, RUN."

I just hope Cape Cod doesn't get too hurt. I feel like Ali has placed Roberto on this pedistal and is so in awe of him, so I'm thinking she's probably going to end up picking him. I feel like if she knew her feelings were stronger for Roberto, she should have let Chris go THIS week before he gets that much more attached.

I'm surprised how much Ali has won me over. I didn't care about her being the bachelorette in the beginning, but seeing how she is, and how she fits in with EVERYONE's families, I see now that she truly is relatable, cute, and a good choice for bachelorette after all.

Can't wait to see what Frank is going to say next week. I'm so curious!

Sarah said...

MT -- You're right...Frank looked like he just got back from a crack binge or something. He looked dirty and that extremely low V-neck undershirt was a truly strange fashion choice. Maybe it's from American Apparel? Is that where he is a 'retail manager'/loser? I never saw Kirk with her...he seems a little immature. Ali seems like a fun, nice girl. I would like her to step away from the extensions, though. They make her look like every other Hollywood blond instead of her cute self. I agree that if she lets Chris go at the end, everyone will be so sad for him. But the ladies will be lined up to take Ali's leftovers! I don't think he'd be too lonely for long. :)

Joy said...

Hahaha, I totally agree, Frank was so nasty this week. I really had a hard time not fast forwarding through ALL of his date, but I had to have SOMETHING to comment on, right?

I agree, Ali is cute and I think the families all really liked her and saw her fitting in. Although I think Roberto's dad would have liked to have heard that she would quit her career for him...

If she dumps Chris then I HOPE he is the next Bachelor.

Anonymous said...

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Darby said...

finally caught up! Like most of you i thought Frank was just "ewwwwww" this week, the outfit, the whining, the everything. Honestly i missed most of the part with his family as was too lazy to rewind when i came back to the room as like Joy said, does not matter anyway.

Chris... awwwwwww collective sigh.... LOVE him, loved his family, GO CHRIS! I'll go on record that I liked him and he was my pick from day one. :) LOL

Roberto, what does he do again? Does he still play ball? I was confused at what is job was. His family was nice and seemed to like her but his Dad was pushing the YOU give up your dreams for his bit. He did look pretty cute in his uniform though.

Next week will be good and we get to see what all this issue with Frank is.... jerk. She is most into him I think. :(