Monday, March 15, 2010


Most of you have heard the news that I am expecting again. Bring on baby #3! I am almost out of the first trimester and it cannot come fast enough, and I am crossing my fingers that it brings with it some relief. I have the misfortune of having Hyperemesis when I am pregnant. Basically, it is really rough morning sickness. The kind that makes you wish for death. I have gotten used to puking pretty much anywhere and everywhere, which is nothing new since I have been through it twice before.
Anyway, enough complaining. That is not what this post is about. This post is about twins.
I know what you are thinking, and no, I am not pregnant with twins. I have seen for myself that there is only one little nipper in there. You want to see? Well, twist my arm!!

Ultrasound WEB

Cute already, right? ;)

No, this post is about the twins that nearly made me lose what little I had choked down for breakfast and lunch today.
I decided that I would turn all my rotting bananas into banana bread today, and so I went about mixing up the ingredients. Well, I cracked the eggs and....gag....twin yolks were in one of them.

eggs web

Seriously? I have NEVER seen this before. It grossed me out so bad, I don't know why. The thought of those twin yolks were seriously plaguing me, though. I called my sister in law and she assured me that twin yolks are normal, in fact, they are good luck.

Ummmm. Okay. I am still completely grossed out. So...does this happen often? How have I never seen one in all of my 28.5 years? Please let me go another 28 years without ever seeing another!!!



Nancy said...

I'm curious why you found it so gross, because it reminded you that it could have been chickens? I always get grossed out when I get a blood spot in my eggs, that happened the other day to me.

Joy said...

I don't know, Nancy, maybe it's because I am so sick and hormonal? Seriously, as soon as I saw them in the bowl I started gagging. Mike thought I was absolutely crazy and over reacting, he found nothing weird or gross about it.
I have had a bloody egg before, too, but I knew they existed. I seriously did not know that twin eggs existed!

The Peach.... said...

I think I threw up a little in my mouth, too........and I'm not even pregnant. By the way, to entitle your post "twins" is so so so so so so so scaring me.

mj said...

ha! that happened to my friend and then she HAD twins.

then it happened to me...twice in one day (i have pictures to prove it too) and it freaked me out. so, i'm glad to hear you're NOT pregnant with twins. helps calm my fears. :)

Annie G. said...

I am dry heaving right now...ugh. That is gross and I don't even know why!

Shannon said... kill me Joy! I love reading your stuff. It makes me smile. And yes, I agree. NASTY.

Candi said...

AHHHH!!! SHUT UP! The same freakin' egg thing happened to me earlier this week! I have a picture to proove it too. Only mine were like siamese twins or something, lol. Totally weird!

Nicole said...

Too Funny! Congrats on baby #3!! Sorry about the sickness...that sucks!Hoping for a boy this time??