Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dust Has Settled

***Family blog updated!!

I don't know about you, but I have been eating up all the interviews that Jake and Vienna have done...Regis, Kimmel, Ellen... I watched and laughed and scoffed my way through them and....I guess it's okay. They are happy and I GUESS that's the point of the show. That doesn't mean she doesn't drive me completely insane, though!! It's her eyes or something. They're shifty.

I loved all the comments from the finale post. Thank you for watching and dishing with me! I can't wait for The Bachelorette to start, I seriously cannot wait! I think Allie will be fun to watch, and hopefully they have awesome guys on there, so help me. And...she better not choose a jerk in the end, UGH!!!!!!

So...I watched Molly and Jason's wedding. STOP JUDGING ME! I had to watch, it was like a train wreck! I loved all the fabulous details...especially the pouring rain! Holy moly, could you believe it? Why didn't someone run up there with an umbrella?? I was dying for them. Seriously, though, their reception was fabulous. I was a bit jealous!

So hopefully I will find motivation to blog before next season. I did make some changes to the house per your suggestions, I will post them soon!!!


MT said...

So I left a comment about not caring about the wedding...but I watched it. What, ...there was nothing else on ;) Anyway, I just thought it was weird there were all these X girlfriends Jason dated on the Bachelor. Kinda awkward, I would think. But whatev.

Molly's eyes scare me. Ha ha --> as long as Jason thinks they are star-gazing amazing. HEE.

Speaking of EYES - I agree, Vienna TOTALLY has shifty eyes - and no eyelashes. I kinda think she'd look better if her eyes were upside down... I kinda think Vienna makes Jake interesting. He was pretty boring in the beginning of the Bachelor. They don't match, it's true, but that's probably why I'm so intrigued by it.

Melissa said...

I wanted to see Jason and Molly's wedding..I'll have to watch online. I'm totally loving to watch Jake and Vienna too. I like them together and I hope it works out for them!

Brooke said...

Vienna does have shifty eyes, you are so right! And there is something funny about her hands/fingers.. hm. I watched the wedding as well and had that same thought, why didn't someone fetch her an umbrella? Can you imagine? She handled it well no doubt!

Anonymous said...
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