Monday, April 11, 2011


So. We are moving.
We aren't moving far, but still, we are moving. Most of you that can relate to the stress that accompanies a move. Please pardon my looooong blog absence.
Over the next few months I will be coming here, pleading for opinions, as we basically have to start over with home furnishings. I am also going to attempts some 'do it yourself' projects (eep!), and I will come here to share. I am nervous but excited!!!
Anyhow, my first question comes in the form of TABLES. Dining room tables, to be exact. We need a large table for our dining room, but it can't be too formal (we will eat there every night), and it must be large enough to seat 6-8. Have you seen one you love? Have one you love? I have been mulling over the look of Farmhouse tables....thoughts?


just me said...

hey joy!! did mike tell you that he talked to my mike on linkedin the other day? *lol*

anyhow, we just got a new table for our kitchen (ok - like 3 months ago) and i am LOVING it. it's counter-height and came with 8 barstools. it has a butterfly leaf. so we have it fitting 6 chairs right now and then can make it bigger (square) to add 2 more people ...

here's a link:

mj said...

exciting! our friends have this table from ikea. i know, you'd think it wasn't great quality, but it's totally sturdy and lovely!
they have 8 matching white chairs that they also got from ikea.
good luck!

Webster Family said...

We just bought our first's so scary. We ended up with one from Ashley Furniture. It is a rectangle but has a butterfly leaf that you can fold out to a full square--seats 6 when folded and 8 when open. It's also a counter height--which Ben and I LOVE. Well, that's what we did....GOOD LUCK!

Joanna said...

We bought ours from one of those unfinished wood places, and then had them finish it (I was too scared). We love it, it seats 8, and it is huge. We got it for a fraction of the price of going somewhere else. If you have something like that available there, check into it. ....and YAY! I can't wait to see all the goodness and creativity that will come forth!