Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, so a few things. First, many people have commented on all the chinese comments I get, and honestly I have NO CLUE why or how to deal with it...I have the 'word verification' turned on...so what the heck????

Second, I have been watching the Bachelor Pad with no time to blog about it, but still loving it. I caught up tonight on last night's episode....um, DRUNK MUCH, Gia?? Goodness. It's good that she left, because the love of her life was almost overthrown by an idiot who can't even come up with an original song for this season's serenades.

Third, my sister in law sent me this link, um, REALLY???? http://themormonbachelorette.blogspot.com/

Yes, this is for real.

That's all from me, I have been a bad blogger, even more horrible on my family blog. Maybe once I catch up editing all my sessions I did this summer....plus the ones I have coming up....eep!!!


Cyn said...

I get the chinese comments on one of my blogs, too. I think it has to do with the name of your blog. I have my settings set to send me an email whenever someone comments and then I decide if it's posted or not. This may help.

**They're not good sights, you may want to erase the comments.

Nancy said...

um Mormon bachelorette, that is too funny. So they are doing it through the blog I take it? I may have to watch this one. Kind of dumb, but pretty funny. I'll have to tell my brother about it.

The Peach.... said...

Ok....my thoughts exactly on Wes. GET A NEW SONG! Please! I beg you! I had it stuck in my head for days.....geez.
And Gia did really start to annoy after a while. Not that Elizabeth doesn't annoy, by any means. That girl is psychotic. Wow. I feel bad that the "populars" are staying on and the "losers" are getting voted off. So high school.

The Airharts said...

Joy, so happy that you left me a comment on my blog becasue it made me remember that I need your advice on something ...remember when you went private and you said that you ran out of invites so you had to make some generic invites...I'm out of invites and I dont know what to do...help please...I'm hopeless...haha

The Airharts said...

PERFECT, thanks so much...I wish that I was smart enought to figure that one out on my own...haha. Your the best!