Friday, December 18, 2009

My Newfound Hobby

It seems I start off every blog post with some sort of excuse why I have been so neglectful of my blog, and truthfully, on top of being completely and utterly swamped with Christmas card orders, I am also a little slow to write over here (I have another private family blog). I can see that people are checking, though, so never fear...HERE I am! I have lots of posts in mind so I promise I will be better. Plus, you know what is happening on January 4th, right? RIGHT? That's right, my friends, Jake will be back, armed with roses, ready to break some hearts. I cannot wait for it, and I hope that commenters will come out of their hiding places because I love a good Bachelor discussion!!!

Okay, enough of that. I am sure that you see the title of this blog and think, "ANOTHER hobby, Joy, are you kidding me?" Yes, I tend to overwhelm myself by trying to learn everything (still on the list: sewing and cake making/decorating) but this one isn't too time consuming...
So, here it is: I have found a lot of joy in making my own wreaths this year. Hobby Lobby has great sales on all of their wreath/decor embellishments every season...So I just buy a base wreath and stand in the aisle assembling my dream wreath while my children run a muck around my feet. They have turned out beautifully, I would HIGHLY recommend it! And they cost around the same price as pre-made wreaths cost, or a wreath at Target. I wish I had a picture of the wreath I made for the fall, but it is already in storage. I thought I would snap a quick one of my Christmas wreath, though, because I love it so. I took my warm little tush out into the FREEZING cold and snap snap snapped my poor frozen camera, so sorry the pictures are not the greatest.

So here it is:
Wreath 2 WEB

My favorite part:
Wreath 1 WEB

Thanks for letting me share!


Kelli Bramble said...

So cute Joy!! You are mucho talented-o.

Tammy said...

Or.... maybe I can hired JOY to make one for me!! LOL You are sooo talented! I could never pull that off, ok maybe I could, but it wouldn't look as good as yours!! That is for darn sure!! :)

MT said...

that is definitely one sweet looking wreath. ;) good job. i want to make one for my pretty master it weird to have a wreath in the bathroom? ha ha.

just me said...

sheesh - is there anything you can't do, joy? you are immensely talented. i'm a bit jealous, you know ... the wreath looks great!!

~ jannet

Candi said...

Very pretty, Joy!!

Blog Reader said...

I love it every time I see it!