Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, I suppose it's time to reflect back on my New Years Resolutions that I made last year. It feels like just yesterday that I resolved to do these things. Let's see how I did....

*START MY FOOD STORAGE! (Can I even tell you how it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how my children would starve if we ever had a disaster here?)
.....Well, I am proud to say that I did get about 3 months stored along with about a week's worth of water....which ended up leaking all over my dresser and ruining my journals. But I think we figured out how to prevent that next time. :)

*Do 2 scrapbook layouts a week. Gotta get on top of things here. It doesn't help that I take a couple hundred pictures a day of my girls!
.....I get a great big F for this one. I think I did about 5 pages total for the whole year. WOW. Need to get on that one next year!

*Learn how to use my camera...I mean so that I really, really know how to use it.
....Yeah, I feel good about this one. I am pretty proud that I acheived this resolution and I love how much joy it has brought to my life.

*Lose the baby weight/fat. Enough said.
I most certainly did acheive this one but it has gone to pot these past few months. I have already found my way back to the wagon and will hopefully be losing some of those holiday pounds soon!

*Not to get pregnant! I was pregnant in 2005, 2006, AND 2007! Time to break the cycle!
......Awww man. I guess you can't win them all.

Just kidding!
Mean joke, I know. :) Not preggo, so an 'yeah!' for me on that one, too. :D

Now it is time for a whole new set of resolutions for 2009. I will have to think long and hard about those. I will probably post them for my own records as soon as I think of them.



Colby Kids said...


Wright said...

I seriously almost crapped my pants........

Kim said...

Happy New Year! Ok your food storage one do you have a list of what you store up? I wanted to start on this for our family. Want me to make you feel better? I didn't even make a resolution so you are doing better than me. And yes I think it's cool that we both had girls...who knew?

AnneMarie said...

I seriously FELL off my chair with the pregnancy stint. NICE!

Meyers_in_China said...

My heart dropped too. You always make me laugh! Em

The Williams Family said...

This post was hilarious!