Sunday, July 20, 2008


Last night (or very early this morning, depending on how you look at it), at 2:28 am, I was awakened by 3, no, make that 5 things:

Our burgler alarm going off,
a loud crashing sound,
the house shaking,
Sarah screaming,
and Mike jumping out of the bed.

(Did you see the first one? Our alarm going off? Probably the most disturbing of them all.)

I was so groggy and confused, I didn't know what to do first! Which brings me to my blog title... Now, I may be crazy, but I have a 'game plan' for if my alarm goes off. I have layed awake at night (especially nights when Mike is out of town) perfecting my Plan of Action, or POA, if you will. I am going to share it with you.

If the alarm is to go off in the middle of the night, I will leave it going, check to see which 'area' triggered it (the alarm shows this on it's face) grab a knife, and proceed to discover what is causing the alarm, if there is nothing there (please bless), procede to girl's rooms. Once I know they are secure, I will turn off the alarm and check every nook and cranny of the house. (In my 'plan', I leave the alarm going just in case there IS an intruder and then the police will come. Brilliant, right?)

Which brings me back to last night. So, the alarm is chiming, Sarah is screaming, our house is shaking, and a large crash brought Mike jumping out of the bed.
My whole POA went flying out the window.
I lept out of bed, turned off the alarm (before I even looked to see what had triggered it), ran across the house (ignoring the knife) to Sarah's room, picked her up, checked on Rachel, and during that time I happened to walk by the garage door, which was wide open. In my groggy state I wonder why it is open, and THEN I remember the alarm. Oh yeah!! So, I peeked into the garage and I heard the wooooosh of rain coming down in sheets. I walked back across the house as it shook from one loud thunderclap after another. The pressure from the storm must have made the door (which we left unlocked) fly open.

I felt better knowing this, but I did not ignore my precious POA completely. I proceded to check every corner of our house. All was well!!

So, what is your POA???


Tiff and Rand said...

I actually used to have a brilliant POA in my old house, but I haven't really planed one yet for this house...I definitely need to get on that! Reading this though makes me realize that being startled awake in the middle of the night probably doesn't help you think too straight, so I don't know how that'll go even if I do plan one! I'm glad you're all ok and it wasn't anything too serious!

CandraWynne said...

oh my gosh joy the storm was HORRIBLE last night. I woke up at 2:00am or so to the loudest thunder I have heard in a very long time and lightening that lit up the whole entire house. Finally at 2:30 I was so scared that our house was going to be hit by the lightening because it was so close that I woke Taylor up. Glad to hear all is well!!

Shannon & Eli said...

Luckily we have two guns close by, and although it would take alot of guts for me to actually use one it makes me alot safer knowing they are there...being that my husband works night shifts...good for you that you have an alarm...we don't!!!

Wright said...

Hha ha....what are the chances that a RAIN storm blew your door open (hello,..Arizona????)...that cracks me up. My plan of action???? Lock myself in a closet and hope the alarm scares the intruder away......????

Sherwoods said...

AHH! Holy cow, I am freaking out for you! I'm not sure what my POA is here, I probably feel too protected with a gated complex, several security guards and a doorman who call me before anyone can get through. We also live on the sixth floor, so they would have to have a mighty tall ladder. However, I should come up with a POA for earthquakes, as we have already felt a small one!

Anyway...I am glad that all is okay and that everyone is safe and sound!

The Romneys said...

i don't really have a POA. I tend to be a pretty big believer that you just have to roll with it and let the spirit guide you through whatever the incident may be. I refuse to have a gun in my house cuz I'm not willing to use one and I don't want my husband to have one either. Maybe when I actually have kids I'll think more about a POA. Even with Spencer being in Utah all summer and I'm staying in Philly all by myself, I really don't worry too much. I lock the doors at night and usually don't even think about intruders or what have you. Growing up I used to sleep by myself outside on my parents deck all summer long. It didn't really bother me then either. I'm just not a worrier.

Brooke said...

Funny (only because nothing happened) that your POA went out the window. I think I would totally do the same thing. I am such a space cadet when I wake up startled in the middle of the night. A couple yrs. ago the fire alarm went off in our apt. so I just immediately opened the front door for some reason. Well, my neighbor right across from our door did the same. Low and behold, he is staring at me in my night time get-up and I am staring at him in his boxers...sweet. The next couple of wks. I think we avoided each other.
Well, I don't have a POA really but I need one. I am a total worry wart. In fact, when Cody is working I snag Noah out of his bed and put him in mine. I need to come up with a POA.

erin and shaun said...

Holy Crap Joy! You have to start a post like that by saying "Everything is OK, but here's what happened..."!!! I was scared out of my mind about what you were going to say! Glad it was nothing!

Sarah holman said...

my current POA is nothing fancier that climbing out our bedroom window. Our apartment is on ground level so not only is it easy to escape, but also easy to break into. Good thing I haven't had an experience like yours!
I did, however, come home one day to find our front door wide open. I didn't even think about what or who could be inside but immediately walked in and starting checking all the areas. No one was there and surprisingly nothing was missing. I realized that in our hurry to leave that morning both Lance and I thought the other had closed and locked the door. Nope neither one of us did. I am still surprised the nothing was missing!

Amy & Greg said...

Okay, that is absolutely hilarious--because you are all safe. POA...hmmm, I realize taht I do not have one. Definitely something to think about, plan for, and practice.

Brett and Meredith said...

So what's the POA for falling back to sleep after all that!! Yikes! I would've been shaking harder than the house! Glad that you are all safe and hope that your real POA doesn't ever have to be tested again.