Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I {heart} Anne Marie

Happy Birthday Anne Marie!!

As you blog readers can tell from the never-ending pictures below, Anne Marie and I have been friends for a looooong time. Lucky for you, all my highschool scrapbooks are buried deep in my parent's basement right now, or else there would be many, many more!!

I met Anne Marie on a double date. The two guys we were with were best friends, and Anne Marie and I hadn't ever met. I spilled my water all over her at dinner, so nice of me, huh? Anyway, the boys didn't last but our friendship did!

In highschool, Anne Marie and I had a dream that one day we would become college roommates. Unfortunately that never happened. Looking back, I can't believe that we really never lived together, I know we would have had a blast.
I spent a lot of time hanging out in her apartment at USU. Here is a pic of us on True Aggie Night. Good times, haha...

Ow, Ow, the Howl! Gotta love that big curly hair.

Her 21st birthday. Wow, what a that was a huuuuuge party! The mansion was filled to the brim with people there to celebrate wonderful Anne Marie. Grabbing some treats at the Logan gas station after the weirdest date set-up ever! (Thanks Anne Marie!)

She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding...

I was the Matron of Honor in hers!!

She had a lifelong goal of trying to set me up with my 'future husband'. She really made a good effort, but it didn't happen... However she did meet HER husband by hanging out with me!

She has been there for me through school, dating, marriage, and babies.

I love you Anne Marie! I hope you have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

So fun! I have the best of both worlds knowing both joy and Anne marie!
Bobbi Leavitt

gordon, cindy and carter said...

Happy Birthday Anne Marie!! I remember some of those times we all spent together. Mainly the Howl and your Birthday at the mansion. Congrats on your marriage and sweet family :)

Lizz Pizza said...

Happy Birthday Anne Marie! Those are great pictures Joy!

Wright said...

Happy Birthday Anne Marie!!!!! I love you!

Jess said...

What CUTE pictures of the two of you!!! Having good friends makes life so much sweeter :) Anne Marie truly is one of a kind!!